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One of the most important year is ahead, during which our social status can be transformed, and the direction will be determined by our relationships, respectively by whom we receive support, etc.

Against this background, the conflict will be very high. Almost throughout the period we will have the feeling that others challenge us, it is possible that some aggression will increase, sharper opposition of interests, tension, irritability, not infrequently – manifestations of brighter selfishness.

Only extremely diplomatic personalities or those who control themselves, the art of persuasion and through oratory, are able to “rise above things”, to show understanding – will not allow themselves to be involved in “verbal wars” and hopefully there will be only such ..

The website Yearly-Horoscope.Org, remind us that Mars is retrograde, and according to astrological interpretations, while Mars is retrograde (until November 14), anyone who describes himself as an “aggressor”, a “conqueror” – is doomed to failure. Therefore, the more profitable position will be that of “defense” and when necessary …

The sun is still in Libra and the emphasis is on partnerships – personal or business. Obviously, they will be tested for resilience and strength and will be an excellent sign if everything is fine between you and people important to you, so you have actually found people with great similarities, you can complement each other or always find a way out together. complex situations.

Support at this stage can become a force that has the potential to overcome any challenges or turn them to their advantage, but this will be a kind of reward for the ability to cooperate, to balance between our and other people’s interests, to express thoughts. and your ideas so that they are approved, etc.

On October 14, Mercury turns retrograde and will take us back to topics from the past that surprised us or were able to destabilize us financially. By November 2, we will have a chance to change the course of these trends in a more appropriate direction and by reacting differently in order to get another different and better result.

By October 14, it is appropriate to remove everything that complicates our contacts.

On May 16, the New Moon is coming, which is again in Libra and will give us the right to a “second try” so that we can restart or renew connections that are important to us …

Venus is in Virgo – our feelings are cooler, we will not lose solid ground and goals out of sight, and this will be quite useful at this stage … it can protect many from spontaneous and reckless reactions.

Our critical eye will divide us with illusions, in a more unpleasant form – fraud or disloyalty, where there are …


In general, as reported by TheChineseZodiac, Year of the Ox will be favorable for Aries, especially in financial matters. Cash flow will occasionally come to life from completely unexpected sources. Regarding Cupid, be extremely careful. One wrong word you say can end a personal relationship.


The reasonable and consistent Taurus in 2021, the year of the Ox will be more decisive and risky than ever. Thanks to this you will be able to improve your financial situation and achieve your goals in business affairs. As for personal life, the family Taurus risks becoming the initiator of discord in his personal life. The lonely and stubborn Taurus will meet the love of his life.


Restless and constantly addicted Gemini will look for new sources of income. This does not mean that finances will be very limited. It’s just that the constant desire to try something new will not allow the Gemini to sit still. In love, a real Brazilian TV series awaits them – meetings, separation, intrigue, scenes of jealousy and an unexpectedly happy ending.


The coming year of the Rat will be especially busy for those Cancers who live for travel. Travels to distant lands, new acquaintances and broad perspectives will unexpectedly erupt in the life of Cancer. A lull in love is expected. Family life will be calm and measured, which certainly impresses the homemaker Cancer.

In 2021, Leos will have to work hard to restore order, both in business and personally. And if they do not have health problems, then in communication with colleagues and superiors there will be periodic conflicts due to misunderstandings. The situation will be similar in the relationship.


Virgos are meticulous and diligent. They definitely impress the calculating Rat. No special changes are expected in love, as well as with health. The good thing here is that the new 2021 will bring Virgo significant profits and merits. Don’t stop there. Remember – you can always achieve more!


This year will be successful for that Sagittarius who plans to acquire real estate. And don’t worry if you have to take a long-term loan to make a purchase. You will be able to repay it as soon as possible, as the financial growth in your home is not far away.


For Capricorn, the year of the Rat will be full of pleasant surprises. Rapid career growth is planned, which will lead to financial prosperity. Harmony will prevail in personal relationships and those who have long been in search of their partner. They will have the opportunity to get married and soon become parents.


The first half of the year will be very productive for Pisces, both at work and on the personal front. A career advancement, an increase in income and attention from the opposite sex will only be a big boost for Pisces. At the end of 2021, marriage and career growth are possible. The main thing – do not lose your charge!


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