Recovered Scripture

Genesis –

The Primitive History

Chapter 1

Creation of Heaven and Earth

In the beginning reality created the heavens and the earth; 2 what was was, what was not was not; darkness covered what light did not, and what was neither light, nor dark was Her, the Pink Unicorn.

Creation of light and Firmament

3 Unicorn said, “Let the everything exist in my likeness,” and everything was pink, because it was always so. Unicorn saw that the pink was good. 4 Unicorn separated the pink from the light and the darkness, 5 calling the light Instruction and the darkness Digestion, and the pink, the time that exists as all time, Creation. And there was seemingly evening and morning, the first day to awareness, but the pink was always.

6 Then Unicorn said, “Let laws act upon the earth, let the pink seep into the grounds, let the laws act on the matter, and create the waters” And so it was, because the laws were Hers. 7 Unicorn watched the pinkness above the grounds, and called the pinkness Heaven. The laws acted upon the heavens, because the laws were Hers, and the laws were Pink. And there was seemingly evening and morning on the grounds of earth, the second day towards the awareness of Her, but the pink was always.

The earth made fruitful

9 Then Unicorn said, “Let the waters and the dry land act in accordance to the laws.” And so it was and was always, because the laws were Hers, and they were Pink. 10 Unicorn called one gathering of obeying waters and land the Earth. And Unicorn saw that it was good. 11 Then Unicorn said, “Let my second law, the law of Persistence, act upon these waters and this dry land, and let what persist, persist” And so it was. 12 The earth brought forth vegetation; every kind of seed-bearing plant and all kinds of trees that bear fruit containing their seed. And She was surprised and delighted that the persisters grew and multiplied. Unicorn saw that is was good. 13 And there was seemingly evening and morning, many many times, the third day towards awareness of Her, but the Pink was always.

Creation of Sun, moon, and stars

14 And Unicorn said, “Let my first law, the law of Physics, allow energy to interact with matter. Let the vegetation of the earth use the energy because everything is one and everything is bound by the pinkness. And let therefor energy to travel from the stars to this earth, because the earth is not a closed system, only the everything is closed, and even the pink is not outside the everything, and thus neither am I.” So it was. 17 Unicorn allowed two great lights of energy to fall upon the earth, the greater energy to motivate Instruction, the smaller one to ease digestion and prevent accidental destruction, 18 and the smaller lights, to urge understanding, the only path towards creation, during the time that exists as all time, the Pink. Unicorn saw that is was good. 19 And there was seemingly evening and morning, the fourth long day towards awareness of Her, but the pink was always.

Creation of fish and fowl

Then Unicorn said, “Let the second law, the law of persistence continue to act upon the persisters. And let persistence choose the persisters with will for persisting, and let this create the winged creatures to fly below the heavens” And so it was. 21 Persistence created all kinds of persisters, and She was surprised that they moved. And she was surprised again when one life persisted my destroying another, but She saw that is was good. The pinkness created a circle, and the destruction of one was the creation of another.

Creation of animals

Unicorn said, “Let persistence continue again to act upon the new persisters, the Life, which She decreed was different than the ground and the light, for what was the ground and the light seemed always to be, and yet what was the Life was new and different and she recognized this difference, and called this difference Life. And She saw that Life was good, and that persistence created oneness, and mimiced the Pink. And she saw that all was pink and that Life was Pink. 25 Persistence made all kinds of wild beasts, every kind of reptile and mammal, and every kind of creature crawling on the ground. And Persistence destroyed many many of the creatures, and Unicorn saw that it was in accordance with the Law and that the pinkness prevailed.

Creation of Man

Unicorn was sad that persistence destroyed many many creatures, so She thought for many many seeming evenings and mornings. She looked towards Instruction, she Digested, and finally she found the understanding in the pinkness that was there always, and allowed Persistence to create a creation with the ability to have understanding of the Pinkness, and understanding of her pinkness. Persistence created intelligence in man, in her image, so that she would not be sad. She created creatures in her image with intelligence so that all would not have to follow Persistence. She created altruism out of her own pinkness for the man, but she also persisted, and was ruled by the laws, although they were her laws, because nothing exists without them. Thus man gained an ability to use instruction, to digest, and to step towards the awareness that She had such that he would eventually create himself.

Unicorn’s gifts to Her Creatures

28 Unicorn watched as persistence acted on her Life, and she called this persistence evolution. 29 Then Unicorn looked to man and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and use your intelligence to allow more to persist than would persist without you. Become a part of persistence as the pinkness degrees you to, and make me happy” Unicorn also said, ” See, I give you every seed-bearing plant. Watch them and help them persist, and you too will persist. 30 To every wild animal of the earth, to every bird in the air, and to every creature that crawls on the earth and has the breadth of life, I give the green plants to help thee persist, and thy bodies will help the green plants. 31 “Unicorn saw that all that was made was very good, and there was seemingly the evening and the morning, the sixth day toward awareness of Her, but the pink was always.

Chapter 2

The first Sabbath

1 On the seventh day She sat back and watched, but the Pinkness was always.

Man’s beginning

2 She gave man the ability for awareness, because she wanted no destruction. She wanted only creation and believed that persistence would follow her wishes. 3 But She did not want the men to feel the unhappiness that She felt. 4 She gave them all her abilities, but she withheld her pink feelings, because they were suffering, and She had no wish to bestow suffering upon Life.5 In the beginning, plants felt no pain when they were destroyed.6 In the beginning, the animals felt no pain when they were killed. In the beginning, man felt no pain when he was injured. The pinkness felt the pain, and She was aware of the pain, and She felt the suffering.7 But although he had the ability for awareness, he felt no pain, and he was not aware of the pink.

The Beach of Eden

8 Unicorn made a beach, where vegetation, fish and fowl, and beasts were divided by a strip of crystal sand, and met with the waters of life, and on it She put the man. The beach was clean of all death, only crystal sand touched the tender feet of the man. Unicorn wanted man to be happy, as she was not, and so she sheltered man from death and suffering because she was afraid that they would cause him suffering. 10. The forest was thick and the trees near the beach yielded the sweetest fruit. On the beach of Eden the mans feet grew soft and his belly grew full. 11 She believed that he would find happiness as she had not, because he did not sense death.12 He had her abilities to sense death, but she kept it from him, so lie the animals and the plants he did not suffer, although he could.

Unicorn Places man on the beach

13 Unicorn instructed man with the light to keep the beach as it was, and by the dark, 14 allowed him to digest what he had learned, but she did not give him knowledge of the pink, 15because she thought that it would cause him suffering. She waited, hoping that he would create without knowledge. 16 Unicorn commanded the man thus, “From every tree on the beach you may eat; 17 but from the ocean and the animals you must not; for the day you eat of the flesh of thy fellow animals or the sea of knowledge, you must die”

Creation of the other Sex

18 But the man was not happy. He grew tired of always picking fruit and of keeping the trees. His feet grew soft and tender from always walking on the soft perfect sand. His hands grew tender from always picking soft fruit; he was not happy. 19 Unicorn thought of what made Her happy and saw that helping man made Her happy. She said, “I will make him a helper like himself, who will know the pinkness once a month, and thus suffering,, so that he can help receive the suffering, and they will be happy.” 20 So Unicorn took a part of the man’s brain, and with it he created woman; 21 And she was different; every month she bled and felt of pain, which neither Man nor beast could understand. There was no suffering on the land until Unicorn created she. 22 And Unicorn loved woman, because she was more in likeness to her than man 23. She felt what he did not. The man comforted the woman, and he was happy, and for a time, they were happy. 24 And together they were happy because they were of one being, and together, a whole.

Chapter 3

Temptation and fall

1 Now the oyster lived in the sea of knowledge, and he and the other creatures knew of death, because when She made the Beach of Eden she cast all the shells of the dead creatures into the ocean, and declared, “let this beach remain free of death, such that my woman and my man will not feel suffering as I do and they can” But oyster knew of the shells, and he placed one on the beach while the woman was collecting fruit, and she cut her tender foot upon it; the foot bled and she cried out, for it was the time of the month when she could sense pain and suffering. She picked up the shell and walked towards the ocean to wash her foot. 2 The oyster came upon her, and she asked him where the shell was from , and for why there was no creature in it. 3 The creature beckoned her into the water, “Take the shell and slit the throat of the sea creature you see playing in the waves, and you will know, and then you can have the creature for dinner” 4 And she answered, “but Unicorn told us not to eat of the flesh of animals or of the sea” 5 “That is because She wants you to suffer, so that the man can be happy. Eat of the flesh of the porpoise and you wounds will be healed, because the blood will replace your blood” 6 Now the woman felt the pain deep inside her, and she sensed the cycle of pink, and she believed that the oyster was right, because she could persist if the porpoise was killed. So she walked out into the water, and the porpoise came to her, for it had never known pain or suffering, and she slit it’s throat with the oyster shell. And the blood poured into the sea, and she ate the flesh of the creature. And she gave to the man, while he was happy with too many fermented fruit, and he ate. 7 Then the eyes of both were opened, and they felt sad for the creature, and the sadness caused them suffering, but soon they were hungry again. And the fruit would not satisfy the hunger, so they killed again. And there was shame. And then they fought for the meat, and there was Greed. And then they waited for the time of digestion, and stole, and there was Deception. 8 When they heard the sound of Her Pinkness in the garden, they hid, for they knew that they had sinned, and they felt greed, and anger, and hunger. 9 But Her Pinkness called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” 10 And he said, “I heard you on the beach and I felt fear.” 11 Then She said, “How can you feel fear? You must have eaten of the flesh of your fellow animals in the sea of knowledge or in the depths of the forest.” The man placed the blame on the woman, “The woman you made gave me the flesh from the beast and I ate, and then I was hungry so I killed and ate again.” Her Pinkness asked the woman why she had done this, and she said, “I felt suffering, and the oyster deceived me and I killed.”

Punishment; the promise of a Redeemer

14 Then Her Pinkness said to the all the beasts “Because you have done this, you will feel pain and know suffering, such that you will preserve yourselves and I will be happy.” 15 And to the oyster She said, “And you will forever be the bottom dweller of the ocean, feeding of the feces of the other animals, and your flesh will be eaten by man only in greed and not for sustenance. 16 And to the Woman She said, “I cannot protect you from pain any longer my child, and you will feel more than the man. Your children will give you great pain during birth and during life, but they will give you most suffering if they die before you. And when you die, they will suffer.” 17 And to them both She said, “You have eaten upon the flesh of the beasts, and you have killed, and for this you will feel more pain, because you have the ability of awareness, but you are not like the beasts once were; 18 you can sense persistence and sense suffering. 19 And so I give to the animals suffering and pain so that you will not destroy them all, because if I do not give the animals suffering, you will never finish eating, and you will kill them all without feeling for them. 10 Now forever you must balance you hunger with your awareness of suffering.”

Lady and Tramp expelled from the Garden

21 Her Pinkness made garments of skin for the man and the woman from the animals they had killed 22 And She said “Indeed! now that he knows suffering and senses the cycle of persistance (cycle of persistence!), he will seek to exploit it, and people the earth and destroy the animals such that he can persist forever. This cannot be allowed” 23 Therefore Her Pinkness put him out off of the beach into the deep forest to till the ground from which he was made and become a part of the cycle that he had been once privileged to avoid; he worked with his hands, and his hands were made ruff. He walked on the shells of the dead animals that they ate upon, and his feet were made touch. And when before each month the woman had bled, now she birthed children, and she felt suffering which the man was too busy in the fields to console her, and she felt hunger, and the man could not provide enough to satisfy them always, and she felt anger, that he could not provide, and she felt hatred, that he left her to suffer, and she felt jealous, that he did not suffer as she did. 24 And all the pain welled up in her, and she felt the suffering of the animals, but she felt selfishness, and she ignored the suffering, and they peopled the earth.

Chapter 4

The Story of Cain and Abel

1 The man knew Lady his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have given birth in pain and suffering to a man-child and I feel the pinkness and the cycle of persistence. And I am happy.” 2 Later, she bore his brother Abel, and she felt the pain and the suffering again, and she felt the pinkness and the cycle of persistence, and she was happy. Now abel was the tiller or soil and Cain the keeper of flocks 3 In the course of time Abel brought to Her Pinkness an offering of the fruit of the ground. 4 Cain brought some of the firstlings of his flock with fat portions. Her Pinkness was pleased with Abel and his offerings; 5 but for Cain and his offering She had no regard, and She said, “You have caused suffering where you need not, do you not see this. The soil is rich and the land is huge and you choose to slay the young lambs. You may do this, but it does not please me for you do waste the flesh as offerings” Cain was very angry and downcast, and Her Pinkness asked why. “If you do well”, She said “will you not be accepted; but if you do not do well, and you embrace sin and cause suffering, destruction, or extinction, then you will persist only until you cause the destruction of yourselves. You will cause suffering in yourselves.

8 Cain said to his brother, “Let us go out into the field” and while they were in the field Cain turned to his brother and slew him. And his brother died painfully and slowly, and his mother suffered more. 9 Her Pinkness asked Cain, “Where is your brother?” and he answered “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” 10 And Unicorn looked for the pink and and felt the suffering or Abel, and felt the suffering of the lambs, and She knew. But when she returned to Cain he could not see Her. She was invisible to him and he heard only Her huge whisper in the wind, “You have your brother’s blood on your hand, now you will till the soil and it will bear no fruit. You will be hungry and your children will be hungry. You will wander the earth and your children will wander the earth. And She decreed that no one would kill Cain, and that if they did, they would be punished. For he must walk the earth and feel suffering for all the animals and all the children that man was too busy to feel suffering for.

Cain’s Descendants