How the Planet Saturn Influences the Zodiac

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The place occupied by the planet Saturn in an astrogram, as well as the aspects it forms with other planets or important points, talk about the subject’s access to success, the way of expressing the potential in order to obtain a certain social and professional status, the difficulties they face. meets in achieving goals, ambition, responsibility, practical sense and business skills… It is a planet that puts us face to face with their own patterns, constraints, limitations. On the natal theme, it shows the field in which we need to make efforts to manage on our own, but also to gain our authority.

Saturn makes its mark on everyone’s destiny, indicating the life lessons that the individual has to learn during this existence. Knowing how Saturn acts on us, we will know how to make better and wiser use of the chances we were born with and we will be able to understand its message, so that we can go through the trials of life with fewer “bumps”.

Saturn, called by modern astrologers the “great teacher” or “great sage”, returns once every 28-30 years in the sign in which he was born and remains there for two years – two and a half years. This period usually brings great trials, but it helps the individual to lay the foundation for the ambitious goals he has. It is a constructive period, even if it may seem extremely difficult. The same happens in the periods when Saturn goes through the zodiac signs in which the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant are.

The constructive side of Saturn is associated with perseverance, ambition, desire for social ascension, conservatism, prudence, tenacity, responsibility, construction, consolidation.


Excludes diplomacy from the equation of success in general. It is clear that you are an ambitious person, but you do not know how to ask or give help, preferring to do everything yourself. As this is not very possible when you want to build, you will have to learn to work in a team, to communicate with people and to be more permissive.

Saturn in Aries can give stubbornness and a narrowness of views regarding cooperation and coexistence in society, but also an inclination towards conflict, generated by the feeling that you are not understood.
Physically, Saturn can cause frequent headaches.

Life lesson: All the experiences you will go through, aim to make you learn initiative, patience, self-confidence and practical sense. You should also be educated to accept people as they are without judging them.


It takes discipline, patience and a lot of work to achieve, especially materially. You have a strong need for emotional and financial stability, so you tend to look for safe, stable, long-lasting positions and circumstances. The most frequently chosen fields are those related to banking, investment and management.

You are economical, prudent and thoughtful, because you have a subconscious fear of poverty, especially in old age. Therefore, the natives with this Saturnian position raise white money for dark days. Physically, Saturn can cause sore throats (laryngitis, pharyngitis), diseases of the teeth and tongue, or thyroid disorders.

Life lesson: You will have to learn to detach yourself from time to time from the material plane, to ensure the natural flow of money by letting it circulate. It would also be good to learn adaptability and flexibility, to give up jealousy and greed and to give more importance to the spirit.


It gives an organized, logical and practical mind. You have a disciplined mind and a very rigorous way of calculating your every move. The exact sciences are the ones that suit you very well. You are honest and you always want to honor your promises. Flexibility is another quality of yours.

You are attracted to studies and everything that means knowledge, especially in the practical fields you follow. You have the ability to find practical solutions, even in the most difficult situations. All these qualities help you to become a key person in the community you belong to. From a physical point of view, there may be problems with the arms and shoulders, but also with the respiratory system.

Life lesson: To cultivate your moral sense and honesty, to give up exaggerated criticism and suspicion.


You show difficulty in expressing emotions and feelings, out of an acute need for security. Probably the relations with the family in childhood were quite cold, austere, without warmth. This made you shut yourself in and show coldness towards your family and people in general.

It is true that in the case of some natives, repressed emotions can be channeled in a creative and artistic sense. Saturn in Cancer gives an increased, slightly exaggerated, interest in family stability and wealth accumulation. The central purpose of existence is represented by home, family, patrimonial goods. The road to all this is not easy, but it is sprinkled with effort and tension. Physically, there may be problems with digestion and metabolism.

Life lesson: To learn to express your emotions, to bring warmth in human relationships, to get closer to your loved ones.


It gives a need for recognition and importance along with an acute desire to gain control over the environment. You are extremely ambitious, you want to lead and hold the first place in all areas of life. These traits can lead to rigidity, selfishness and stubbornness.

You demand a lot of attention and respect from those around you. You are almost obsessed with power and tend to ignore the needs of others. Usually, natives with this position of Saturn have emotional or relationship problems with children. They succeed in areas related to education, entertainment or business that are based on speculating market trends. Politics is another area of ​​interest. From a physical point of view, you may experience stiffness of the spine and back or eye and heart problems.

Life lesson: To cultivate your sense of proportion in everything, to take into account those around you, to be more attentive to your behavior. Refrain from controlling the destinies of others.


It gives practicality, diligence and precision. You are very attentive to detail, you want things to go perfectly and you tend to be very critical, especially with colleagues or subordinates. Saturn in Virgo gives natives who usually work excessively and demand the same from others.

The affinity for the medical or pharmaceutical field is very common in these natives. So is the attraction for research, science and writing. You are always worried about the tasks you have, which is why you forget to smile and tend to be always worried and pessimistic.
Physically, you may face digestive problems.

Life lesson: To learn to enjoy what you have and life in general, to cultivate your sense of humor, to give yourself more moments of relaxation and fun.


For you, cooperation and interpersonal communication are very important. You are more aware than anyone, that in order to create something lasting and precious in this life, you need people around you, with whom to share and share experience, resources, responsibility, success. You are responsible, honest and disciplined and you have very clear principles, which you cannot afford to violate, whether it is society, family or other areas of life.
You can succeed as a judge, lawyer, consultant, mediator.

Saturn in Libra can also mean a late marriage or an older marriage. It is a position that brings success through tact, responsibility and seriousness. At the level of the physical body, the most sensitive areas are those of the kidneys and the lumbar area.

Life lesson: To learn to assume responsibilities on your own, without exaggerating in terms of expectations and demands from your partner or collaborators. Have the courage to act and give up the comfort that haunts you from time to time.


Indicates financial responsibilities in business related to state funds, insurance, banks, taxes, inheritances. It is a position that inspires the native possessors to ascend and obtain an impressive socio-professional status.
It is difficult for you to accept lazy or irresponsible people. Also, you don’t really know how to accept help, and this can be an impediment to your success.

One of the problems you face is that you get too emotionally involved in everything you do, which can exhaust and exhaust you. If someone treats you without respect, you are capable of unimaginable resentments. Saturn in Scorpio gives a tenacity that very few other signs are capable of, and this quality ensures the success you dream of.
The anatomical areas that may suffer are: terminal colon (constipation), genitals, kidneys.

Life lesson: To learn to be tolerant, to forgive and to detach yourself from small things. Learn to express your feelings.


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