How to Seduce a Man in 2021

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Women often wonder if it is possible to conquer your partner with just a few words. Can you always be attractive to your loved one?

This is definitely possible! Dear women, I will reveal a secret to you.

But first, a warning. Unfortunately, in psychology there are no guaranteed variants, only the probable ones. Consider this.

In order to conquer your partner, you have to constantly say some “magic” words to him. These words are: “I feel good with you”, “I feel fulfilled with you”.

If a woman tells a man that she is happy with him, he will perceive her as the most beautiful woman in his life.

How does this phenomenon work? Well, there is no consistent research on this topic. However, it is known that the loyalty of a woman is extremely important for men. Interestingly, this is more important than a man’s loyalty to a woman.

If a woman, without restraint, says that she is well with a man, she gives him a signal, which would translate “I am faithful to you, everything is fine with us”. This means that the man does everything right.

Such a woman is perceived by a man as a desired and wonderful one, in a broader sense.

She – such a beautiful and charming woman – feels good about him! It means that he is an enviable partner, he is a real man. And this pleasant feeling of self-fulfillment is due to her, and thanks to this feeling she is even more beautiful and so on.

The above should not be understood as a submission of a woman to a man. No, not and not again. I said it and I repeat it – in a relationship you can’t just feel comfortable for your partner. This is more of a way to ruin a relationship.

It is important for a woman to talk about how happy she is in the relationship, but not to be silent about the problems and tensions in the relationship. Moreover, if she can talk without constraints about the problems in the relationship, she will do the man a favor.

Both women and men need the same thing – to feel safe in a relationship. That’s why words like “I’ll understand” or “I’ll be with you” are so important.

The conclusion is that a woman must tell the man how good she is with him, but not to deny the conflicts, but to discuss them openly and resolve them. In this way, she will become the dream woman.


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