Lucky Chinese Animal Signs in 2021

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If the animal of 2020 – the Rat – generously distributed advances to her pets – people who are grasping, adventurous, courageous, then such things will not work with the one who follows her – the White Metal Ox.

The owner of 2021 dislikes those who engage in idle chatter and wholeheartedly respects the stubborn and hardworking.

However, there is also a “but” here: due to its conservatism, the Ox will only help signs that love proven roads and correct paths. Decide to roll up and build your own? Then yourself.

In general, if you want any of your business to live for a long time – be it a business, a wedding, or building a house, then 2021 is the ideal time for this. The Ox will do everything in its power to help what is being created for many years.

In general, all actions in which one can find meaning, a higher purpose, and maybe even service for another, will find support in this symbol of the year. As well as those whose labor is connected with manual labor will receive support from him.

And it doesn’t matter what you do – plow the land or renovate apartments, money will come into your pocket easily in 2021.

At the same time, unlike the Golden or Red Wooden Ox, the White Metallic is distinguished by a certain sentimentality and an open manner of expressing his feelings, therefore he understands human weaknesses and can be lenient towards them.

But! To one weakness and not often. Do not forget that this sign is characterized by uncontrollable rage, and it is better to know about it only in theory.

Due to the same conservatism of the symbol of the year, none of the zodiac signs will count on great wealth in 2021. The bull is all about persistence and quiet accumulation, so just do what you can and come what may.

But it is in the year of the Ox that very strong, healthy and strong-minded children are born. And if you have been planning a baby for a long time, then the best time for his birth is 2021. Moreover, such children will be more lucky in life, they will be given many things easily.

In consonance with the info found on website Chinese Zodiac Secrets, the Year of the Ox 2021 is not about a fast-paced career. Rather, about persistent striding up, despite laziness, fatigue and reluctance. For hard work, the Ox will always reward and generously.

And what 2021 promises for each of the zodiac signs, the stars will tell.


Every 12 years, the Year of the Ox repeats itself to teach Aries patience (but this is not certain). However, the latter do not in vain keep the brand of the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, so they will resist with their last bit of strength. But one day, having calmed down a little, they will see: what was previously the fruit of their stubborn struggle, calmly fell into their hands. It’s just that the Ox loves the patient and hardworking, and if the first sign of the zodiac manages to calm down his impulsiveness, then at the end of 2021 he may well say: “Yes, it was a great year!”


The natural charm and skills of the communication king that Gemini is always considered to be of little help in 2021. Humble yourself! In order to achieve their goals and make good money, they will have to work hard. Circumstances will force the representatives of this sign to reconsider their spending on life, making them more rational, in addition, they may even go to learn something new. But in the personal sphere, Goat will have complete order. And this peace of mind, which will give them happiness in their personal life, will greatly help them solve all other problems.


Goat would not be goat if it were not constantly worried about everything. So, 2021 will teach him to attach less importance to passing things, concentrating on what is really important. Imagine what a challenge this is for an impulsive Goat? In addition, a strong love disappointment awaits the representatives of this sign, but it will have to happen for YOURS to come into life. So don’t worry, let go of the situation and let the universe decide for itself this time.


The patron of the year – Ox – does not like adventurous and rapid actions, but only one sign of the zodiac – Dog, he will not condemn for this, which means he will not interfere when he decides to go all-in in a certain situation. The fact is that all business affairs of representatives of this sign in 2021 will stall, and only courage, assertiveness and super-efforts will allow them to reach a new level. Well, Dog also has a long way to go to come to terms with the fact that life is not only an eternal holiday, but also repeating gray everyday life.


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