Lucky Color in 2021 According to Your Zodiac sign

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The stars induce certain chromatic preferences and make us more easily influenced by certain shades, which we can use in clothing or interior design, for example:
Find out what color suits you according to your zodiac sign!


The first sign of the zodiac, passionate and daring, is ruled by the planet Mars. The color associated with this astrological sign is blood red, intense and imposing, symbolizing energy, activity, aggression, but also purity. It is the shade that moves the mountains, which folds on the ambition of Aries. Be careful, though! If the native is already very agitated, this color does nothing but disturb the waters even more. In this case, shades of cream can be very helpful, as well as the color of saffron and golden yellow. Black should be avoided as much as possible by Aries, because it has a negative effect on his psyche.

Taurus and the right colors for them

Because the planet that governs them is Venus, Taurus is positively influenced by pink and white, because they mold very well to their shy and introverted personality. With their feet on the ground, sensitive and practical, they need something to give them a little energy, but not a color as strong as red, for example, that will shake them too much. The senses of the bulls are also stimulated by the azure blue, but also by all the natural shades, such as green, brown, beige or khaki.

The third sign of the zodiac – Gemini is a dual one, full of life, always changing, ruled by the planet Mercury. For all people influenced by it, green is a beneficial color, because it symbolizes growth, harmony, regeneration and creativity. Black can give the natives stability and a dose of seriousness that they often lack, helping them find a direction to go. Bright and warm colors, such as red and orange, can stimulate Gemini, but at the same time, it can worry and disturb them, so it is best to avoid them.


Mood swings are the order of the day for Cancers, who are both shy and introverted. The colors that make them most eye-catching are blue, white and sea green. These shades soothe sensitive natives, who consume everything. Yellow is another color that helps them maintain a positive attitude and optimistic thoughts, which Cancers need so much not to fall on a slope of emotional instability. Of course, it is almost self-evident that this sign does not reconcile well with black and should be avoided as much as possible, because it triggers episodes of pessimism.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, which makes him feel like the center of the universe. Proud and self-confident, he will feel a strong attraction to bright colors, especially orange. This color gives it an extra charisma and amplifies the magnetic aura that seems to attract everyone around. Royal colors such as purple, ruby ​​or gold are again suitable options for this sign that wants to impose itself. The shades that do not fold at all on the Leo’s personality are the pastel ones, because they are too temperate.


As a temperament, Virgo is the opposite of Leo and fire signs in general. Ruled by Mercury, and yet much quieter and more stable than Gemini, she is calm, pragmatic and reserved. Therefore, pastel shades are perfect for the native of this sign, as well as those in the natural color palette. Dark green tones match the very sharp critical sense of the Virgin, while strong colors such as red and orange do nothing but disturb her calm waters.


The most suitable color for the benevolent and pacifying Libra is blue, which symbolizes harmony and balance in all aspects of life. The natives of this sign want symmetry, goodness and beauty in their lives. Pink and white synchronize very well with the positive vibrations of Libra, but black can also bring to the surface one of its greatest qualities: refinement.


For the most enigmatic sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, the colors that suit it best contain a little magic and mystery. Dark red, purple, emerald green or shades associated with the night are those color choices that benefit this sign. Everything about the occult is favorable to Scorpio. But when he is seized by deep states of turmoil, the colors that calm him are pastel.

The color that best represents the eccentric Sagittarius is yellow, an optimistic shade, full of life, which symbolizes creativity and happiness. As with other fire signs, it is strongly attracted to orange, red or saffron. On the other hand, black does not seem to have a positive effect on Sagittarius, although sometimes it can help him calm his always hot spirit.


Sober, elegant and stable, Capricorns tend towards simple color combinations, possibly as dark as possible. The natives love black, but also navy blue, indigo and gray. The attachment to conventions and traditions urges Capricorns to prefer shades as unobtrusive as possible, which is why they do not appreciate bright red or yellow.


If anything can be said about Aquarius, then it is a lack of conventionalism. Always looking for new ideas and experiences, the natives are especially attracted to electric shades, which stimulate them mentally and make them more creative. Violet and psychedelic colors seem to be to their taste, but this sign is positively influenced by black. Contrasts are sought in clothing, interior design and almost any other aspect of Aquarius’ life.


Because this water sign can easily slip on a depressing slope, it is recommended to surround it with yellow, a color that can bring back a smile on his face and optimism in attitude. Other shades suitable for Pisces are the moderate, pastel ones, especially the pale purple, the lavender shade or the peach shade. White is also liked by the natives, because it expresses purity and innocence, and the color that negatively influences them is green, which creates emotional and expression barriers.


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