Mercury Direct 2021

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Ready! Mercury is direct! These days Mercury becomes visible to the naked eye, a rare event in which it appears in the sky as a bright star, an ancient symbol that is transposed into our worldly life by the appearance of something new. Something becomes visible to us now (depending on the area of the map where we have Mercury Direct in Libra), something new appears, maybe a person, an idea, a project, a proposal, information, a truth!

However, next week Mercury squares with Saturn, and this means that the new one comes with effort, work, patience, responsibility and may take longer to take shape, be implemented and completed, but it can be something that brings long-term benefits. , something stable and durable over time.

On the positive side, the aspect offers: a deep, sharp, attentive thinking, tact, diplomacy and insight.

↘️On the negative side it can bring: the tendency to depression, narrow and rigid points of view, circumvention of the truth and evasiveness, a spear when in fact it is about fear.

Energy follows thought, it all begins in the world of thoughts, with an idea that later becomes reality in the world. As the mind develops, environmental information helps us shape ideas and orientations. If the source of information is cut off, which Saturn usually does, we must learn to rely on intuition.

The aspect offers the opportunity of one’s own education by accumulating practical notions through experiences. When we understand an idea, a feeling, a thing, we identify and put an idea in a category, we assimilate, evaluate both from our own experience, but especially from the experiences of others, we take ideas from others and make them our own.

Many people have opinions, but they are not their own, they are not creatively constructed, original and they are not lived by them. The Mercury-Saturn aspect stops this communication channel and we can be forced in the next period to build, through our own experience, this set of opinions.

In fact, now it is necessary to learn to use the mind differently, because it is not just a tool to categorize things, trained and focused only to find meaning, it CAN BE DIRECTED INSIDE, TO EXPLORE THE DARKER PSYCHOLOGY. And what better time than Scorpio season?

We are invited these days not to take everything for granted and to search inside ourselves, to establish for ourselves what is true or false. When we accept this responsibility, we will find true freedom.

The target areas for each person will be (check the Ascendant first, then the Sun and the Moon):

Aries: a new partner (romantic or professional), clients, partnerships, collaborations, contracts – either for you or for your boyfriend / husband / partner.

🐃Bull: a novelty related to work, projects, co-workers or work environment, employees / employer, daily routine, health, pets.

👥Twins: a novelty in relationships, love, children, maybe a new creative project or a creative idea, a new fun activity, which brings pleasure, hobbies.

🦀Cancer: a novelty in the area of ​​home, home, property, family, parents, roots or an emotional awareness / healing, safety and security.

🦁I: a novelty in the area of ​​communication, writing, speaking, courses, promotion, marketing, sales, media, PR, something social, a new project, a person, a new team, a business idea, a short trip or something new related to neighbors, brothers, sisters, relatives, co-workers or means of transport (cars).

👩‍⚕️Virgin: a novelty related to money, finances, resources, a source of income, values ​​and value, self-esteem, talents, safety and security, new acquisitions or news related to the body, nutrition.

⚖️Balance: a new business idea, an interest, a skill, an information or a person that opens a new path for you, a new perspective on life.

🦂Scorpio: a new project that is now ripening, a hidden relationship, a distant journey, secret information, a new connection with the Divinity or new messages from the Universe.

🏹Sagittarius: news related to social connections, groups of friends, organizations, associations, networking, earnings, business, long-term goals, a group or a new friend, a social / economic opportunity.

🐐Capricorn: career news, a project, an idea, a business plan (maybe in the fields of communication, writing, speaking, courses, promotion, marketing, sales, media, PR), social status, new authority figures, a new boss, government, institutions.

♒️ Aquarius: news related to education, higher education, teaching, a new teacher, travel, an international connection, international business, a new philosophy of life / faith / vision.

🐠Fish: news related to finances (especially common, of his partner or from external sources – banks, clients, investments, insurance, inheritances), crises, traumas and psychological, emotional, intimacy, sex, secrets, occult, something hidden or forbidden, taboo, a new therapy / therapist or a cure (especially psychological).


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