Sun in Scopio 2021

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The sun moves, on October 23, in the deep and mystical Scorpio, where it will stay until November 21. An intense period follows, Scorpio being now not only the host of the Sun, but also of Mercury (still retrograde). Feelings are stronger, events are extreme. The halves of the measure disappear, sometimes we will feel on our skin what it is like to live on the edge of a knife.

All or nothing!

A dear friend (obviously, Scorpio) said that “Scorpio does not cut down the tree when it has dried up, but uproots it with its roots from the ground.” He captured very well, in one sentence, the scorpion principle: not only do we change, but we transform, not only we carp but we start from the beginning. It is not enough to know our visible part, appearances, shape, but it is necessary to “dig” in depth, to explore the dark, unknown areas, to face our most intense emotions.

It is a period of purification, of liberation from what is toxic in us and in our lives, of transformation. On the well-known principle of this zodiac sign “you die to become”, we can become more than we can be by giving up what holds us in place, it no longer serves the process of spiritual growth but buries us in our own fears and inhibitions. We have the opportunity to see, through the experiences we create now, what limits we need to face, what we need to release or fix. Retrograde Mercury puts its full shoulder to this process, bringing to the fore the “arrears” in the healing chapter. Everything that is forgivable, clean, complete, finished, comes to light.

The right attitude is the acceptance of everything that is and what appears, the courageous confrontation of all emotions, the deepening in ourselves as in a gold mine. For there, in the depths of our being, we find our resources and answers. By exploring our feelings, we learn about ourselves, we know each other and we heal using our own regenerative power.

There is a tendency to ossify ourselves into some ideas, thoughts, desires, developing obsessions about something or someone. And the biggest challenge now is to learn to let go, to release, to let go, being aware that the present is created while letting the past recede by blessing it.

We may seem to lose something when we let the old forms go, but in fact we lose nothing. For what is truly ours can never be taken away from us. Who we are cannot be taken. Therefore, the identification with the form, with “I have”, tends to be replaced with “I am”.

Traveling in the deep waters of our own emotions, we connect with the Source, with the inner strength and wisdom, with who we are. Forms can disappear, because we continue to feel safe and keep our faith.


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