The Advice of a Shaman for 2021

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Here are 20 tips from a shaman about the things that matter:

  1. Stay quiet for an hour a day.
  2. Never have regrets. Everything that is done is done for good.
  3. Help those around you as often as possible. You can not do that? At least it doesn’t hurt.
  4. If you want it to be easier on your soul, learn to cry.
  5. If you want to be respected, respect those around you. The man who made you suffer will suffer more because you ignored him.
  6. Collect stones from riverbeds. They possess energy and power.
  7. Listen to music, this way you will get rid of all the negative energy. Music brings balance to our lives.
  1. The ability to love is the most important thing a man has.
  2. Do not throw garbage in the water. The spirits will be angry. Better throw away bread or money.
  3. When you become the source of a man’s happiness, you will be the happiest.
  4. If you want to change the world, start with yourself.
  5. Life is so short. Don’t lose her in tears, quarrels, alcohol. Do good to people.
  6. If your partner is upset, but you know you are not to blame, hug him tightly and he will calm down.
  7. If it is hard on your soul, sing and your soul will rest.
  8. To achieve your dream, one step is enough. There will always be difficulties, don’t be afraid of them.
  9. Remember one important thing: everyone will get what they deserve.
  10. Do not drink alcohol, it destroys your life and health.
  11. We often think that in the past we felt happiest. It’s not like that. Every moment has its charm.
  12. When a woman goes shopping, she buys happiness for her family. Don’t skimp on what brings happiness.
  13. If you feel bad, dance. You will feel how you will fill yourself with energy.


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