New Standard Reformed Vegnautic Revision

“After the burning of the library of the Temple of Pinkness in Glimmervoid, CA, little remained of the ancient scriptures. With the help of divine wisdom and tonics, I was able to reconstruct much of the Genesis beginnings.

Sadly, the rest is lost to us. Lore has it that there exists another copy of the New Standard Reformed Vegnautic Revision, untouched by the Oyster’s foul hands, locked within the Mephidross.

Thou that seek the scripture and returns it to Her Place of Worship will be divinely rewarded. May She be with you always” -GateKeeper of Her Place of Worship 

Vegnautic Scripture (ASSORTED/MISC)

Genesis (Gen.)

Exodus (Ex.)

Leviticus (Lev.)

Numbers (Num.)

Deuteronomy (Deut.)

Josue (Josue)

Judges (Judg.)

Ruth (Ruth)

1 Kings (1 Kings)

2 Kings (2 Kings)

3 Kings (3 Kings)

4 Kings (4 Kings)

1 Paralipomenon (1 Paral.)

2 Paralipomenon (2 Paral.)

1 Esdras (1 Esd.)

2 Esdras (2 Esd.)

Tobias (Tob.)

Judith (Judith)

Esther (Esth)

Job (Job)

Pslams (Ps)

Proverbs (Prov.)

Ecclesoastes (Eccles.)

Canticle of Canticles (Cant)