Venus in Libra 2021

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Venus is a planet that talks about harmony, balance, beauty, value, resources, self-esteem, relationships, cooperation and partnerships, it shows us especially the way we relate to other people.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Venus in Taurus means the relationship we have with us, and in Libra it means the art of relationship, cooperation, diplomacy and the art of compromise.

From Aries to Virgo our focus has been on us, on personal development, in Libra, Venus comes to expand and include our need to relate to other people. Venus in Libra first of all wants harmony, balance and judges correctly all the time, always seeing more variants of the truth, which is why it is said that she is undecided, because it is difficult for her to choose a single path.

For Venus in Libra, love means the meeting between mind and heart, neither too passionate nor too detached, a perfect balance between the two. In his home, Venus brings an energy that urges us to enjoy the beautiful things in life, to bring balance, harmony and peace in relationships, to heal and grow together in a relationship. Everything must be fair for Venus, the plates of Libra destabilize when the ratio between them is not equal.

Venus in Libra requires first of all the development of self-esteem, then of others, and last but not least of others. Venus symbolizes self-love and self-esteem, which she gladly offers to others, but her self-esteem never depends on anyone else. She wants relational intelligence, the quality of the relationships we establish with the important people in our lives, with ourselves, with those at home, with the couple’s partner, with friends and professional relationships.

Venus is a relational exchange seen as a vehicle that gradually forms individual values. The partners’ choices are subconscious depending on what we value most, something we perceive outside of ourselves and want. Venus wants a mirror through which to discover herself in the eyes of her partner. Venus always makes a projection in the relationship. The parts of us that we are not aware of and with which we do not become intimate are PROJECTED in the partner. The problems encountered in a relationship show us parts of us that need to be solved.

The first RELATIONSHIP is with you and must be one based on love, respect, esteem, total acceptance, even of the less good parts (which you can always transform). It is the basis for healthy and happy relationships. The relationship you have with yourself, you carry on in the relationship you have with your partner. Under the slogan “you get in life what you think you deserve”, the exact same thing happens in a relationship, and Venus in mythology was a content woman who knew exactly who she was, what she wanted and how much she deserved, that is, everything that is more good and more beautiful.

That is why, like Venus, we must become very aware of ourselves, who we are and what our needs and desires are when we enter into a relationship. It is the recipe for success so that we do not get lost in a relationship. For the sake of being pleasant, we can gradually begin to break pieces of ourselves and eventually lose our identity. A relationship always reaches the dilemma of independence versus closeness, me versus the other, my needs versus my partner’s needs: how to be close but not lose touch with your individuality, how to relate, compromise, share, but stay honest with you and your personal needs. It allows (you and) your partner to be who he is, to express his individuality and the need for separation, which in turn makes him want his closeness. They are not excluded, in fact they feed on each other.

A relationship contains three components: me, you and us. All three need different, you yours, the other person hers, and the entity of the couple that is formed means what you are together, is a third person in relation to his own nature, needs and intentions, is the energy of the couple. This is what Venus in Libra talks about, this couple energy that is the balance between me and my partner, between his and my desires, are the needs that fulfill us, bring us joy and feed us equally and harmoniously.

The relationship is not a communion where personal boundaries are lost, it is one through which we discover ourselves through what we love, what we find beautiful, a projection of what we find in ourselves, it is our definition through relationship, it is the mirror of our own soul.

Mercury is still Retrograd, and at this moment it is also in Libra and urges us to communicate more authentically and to find healthy ways of relating by communicating personal needs. We are invited to heal relational wounds, wrong patterns and to find the balance between giving and receiving. Being Mercury Retrograd, old relationship problems may appear in the spotlight to be re-discussed and resolved.


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