Venus in Scorpio 2021

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If it’s still Mars Direct, with some pockets full of unconsumed energy (in retrograde) that he now empties quickly and quickly, then Venus enters the scorpion between November 21 and December 15 to put some more straw on the fire.

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The outcome? Everyone is arguing and is at war… anyway we argued that the crows all year round, but Sud The South Node in Sagittarius must shake us off some strong beliefs we hold with our teeth.

What did I get myself from? I am a mother and I have a small child, and in the internet world of mothers, a jihad is always started when it comes to breastfeeding, the way you choose to give birth or vaccines, there are 3 guaranteed time bombs! đź’Ł

Venus is significant for women, but also for socialization and relationships, to strengthen my conviction that I am not in a hurry with the subject, but I get somewhere important, bare with me! So, this morning I come across an influencer who supports breastfeeding and wants to do a little education for women.

No problem so far, but the way you approach such subjects with the bomb under them is crucial, because it presses a lot of wounds and awakens many inner demons (Scorpio). Eh, and from her desire to do good, she actually put half of the internet in her head. You can’t appear from a position of superiority and accuse women of not trying hard enough to breastfeed, that there is no “you didn’t have milk”, that they chose powdered milk too quickly, that is, you can do it, but not so you help, but you only awaken in them old feelings of helplessness, of failure, that they are not good enough, that they have not done enough.

I have been breastfeeding for a long time and it is a very difficult process, especially at the beginning, especially in a world where we have evolved in certain parts, but in terms of instinct and connection with nature and our body we are very involved. For example, I also really wanted to give birth naturally, but I didn’t succeed… and now when I read beautiful and fulfilling stories I wake up certain demons who tell me that I wasn’t able, I wasn’t good enough. they calm down a little, but they are there). Every mother wants what is best for the child, and such information only reminds them that they have failed, not because that is what the interlocutor wants to convey, but because that is what they feel when they read, there is pressure, there is a the guilt that needs to be addressed and healed. For me this was the topic today, you can replace the topic with anything else that hurts or with any topic considered taboo and too little discussed, treated so far.

Where did I want to go? When it comes to painful topics, pressing on wounds, pain, hidden and unloved parts of us, shame, guilt, skeletons, demons and what’s uglier and “dirtier” in us, Scorpio is the master and this is what Venus can do in the next period in our relations.

Opening up such taboo topics (so far) in order to educate (either in one-to-one relationships or with a group of people) requires a lot of vulnerability, that’s the key to Venus in Scorpio, not to grow subtly how strong and cunning we are…

Put yourself in the man’s slippers, understand him deeply, help him heal his wounds, don’t throw the bomb or the knife and then let him bleed. Try to remember a similar situation in which you felt the same way and see what emotions you had, only then you can discuss another frequency, a deep and emotional one (what Venus wants), only then can you really to help him, to heal him, to understand him… if not, you just stuck a knife in him and left! Only a great deal of sincerity, vulnerability and empathy can bring healing, the rest is can-can and swelling in the feathers!

Be careful what wounds are affected in the next period, especially in relationships, and you can see more clearly what “dirt” comes to light to be cleaned, and if you wake up on a “battlefield”, do not forget to put in your opponent’s boots and have your “rifle” with empathy, vulnerability and love! Do you choose to knock down or lift?


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