What Zodiac Signs want to be loved

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A lot can be said about love and relationships, but when it comes to what women want from a man, everything gets more complicated. Every woman deserves to be loved as she wishes, and the sign in which she was born can say a lot about her.

Astrology plays an important role in our lives, which means that everything could be much easier to know what women want in a relationship if we take into account the sign in which they were born.


Aries-born women always want to try new things and hate monotony. When they fall in love, they are completely dedicated to the relationship, but at the same time, they need freedom. They want a strong, independent man who truly loves them and gives them confidence.


Women born in Taurus are able to offer a lot of love, but they tend to become jealous and possessive and have enough moments in which they express their feelings in a more aggressive way. They want a man who truly loves them, because they are very loyal and they want a stable relationship.


Women born in Gemini are a bit more complex, have a strong personality and are changeable, which means that there is a risk of having moments when they will not express their feelings towards the loved one. they want a man who is spontaneous, because in this way they will have no reason to get bored.


Home and family come first in the lives of women born in Cancer. They tend to generalize a lot of things or close in on them. They want a man who truly loves them, protects them, and makes them feel truly fulfilled.


Women born in the sign of Leo have a strong personality, they manage to impose themselves in front of other people and they know what they want in life. They want a man who admires, appreciates and assumes their role in the relationship. At the same time, these natives need freedom.


Women born in the Virgo sign are very practical, which means that their life is very well organized, down to the smallest detail. They want a strong man, and their standards are sometimes quite high. They will quickly become attached to a man who provides them with emotional and financial security.


Women born in the sign of Libra have times when they are more difficult, but they have a great capacity for understanding when it comes to relationships. They love challenges and never settle for less. They want to travel and are thirsty for adventure, so their partner must be passionate about sports or outdoor activities.


Scorpio-born women are mysterious, have strong sexuality, and their standards are quite high when it comes to relationships. They want a strong man with whom they can feel safe.


Sagittarius-born women love adventure and outdoor activities, so they want a strong man to accompany them everywhere. Although it is quite difficult for someone to keep up with them, they are very optimistic, and the relationship with them can be a wonderful experience.


Like women born in Virgo, Capricorn natives have fairly high standards when it comes to relationships and love. If at first they are shy, during the relationship they manage to evolve, and their love has no term of comparison. They want an open, humorous man who can provide them with emotional and financial security.


Aquarius natives have an extraordinary intelligence, which means they want a man who can keep up with them. They will not get involved in temporary relationships and will not waste their time with men who do not have a sufficient IQ. At the same time, they want a sincere and direct man.


Pisces-born women are emotional and sensitive, which means they need a lot of love and affection. They want a man who gives them emotional stability, who truly loves them and who protects them.


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