Will 2021 Be a Good Year for Aquarius?

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The period begins positively with a new astral configuration. Jupiter transits Sagittarius from November 7, 2010, and will remain there until December 2, 2021. The long passage of Jupiter (13 months) will affect the values ​​of your solar house III, field of experience aimed at communication, immediate culture, studies and social life.

Jupiter, during 2021, will encourage you to express what you believe in the written and spoken word. While the first decade will be influenced by the transition between November 2019 and January 2021, both the second and third decades will alternate in 2021. Jupiter in the third house will not only favor those employed in academia , but will be very helpful in the field of public relations and marketing in general.

The French astrology site horoscope-annuel.com, tells us that the year 2021 will be an excellent year for those in the zodiac sign. You can find more details by accessing this URL https://www.horoscope-annuel.com/verseau-2021/

So, if you’ve always wanted to write a novel, start a career in journalism, or become a mediator, sales representative, or agent, this is the year for you. Thanks to this fiery Jupiter, you will have the chance to demonstrate to the whole world your natural talent for air sign. During the year you will be able to broaden your knowledge by deepening the issues of major interest. If you know how to unleash your creative imagination, you can immediately realize your dreams.

Keep in mind that transit will be especially beneficial for those who know how to have fun and / or reward their activities during the week, through regular trips out of town (or to a foreign country). This way, you will be able to recharge your batteries and you will always get the big picture for any situation.

Throughout the year 2021, it is advisable to launch as public speakers and participate in as many events as possible (from social to cultural). The transit is certainly impressive for journalists, writers, presenters or for those who have activities in the world of transport.
Consider that in 2021 you will have to face the transit of Saturn in Capricorn, in your solar house IV, the field of experience responsible for managing memories and experiences, of your native family.

Since December 2018, Saturn has been in the sign of Capricorn; while in 2019 those in the first decade were influenced, in 2021 those born in the second and third decades will be asked to receive the highest tensions. The arrival of Saturn squared in your solar house IV, could put to the test everything you started either 7 years earlier (in conjunction with the last return of Saturn in your zodiac sign) or between 2017 and 2018 (with transit of Jupiter in your zodiac sign).

If there were no inconsistencies or discrepancies between what you proposed and what you achieved, you will have no reason to fear this type of transit; indeed, you could make the big leap, and detach yourself permanently from the family, cultural, or social demands of childhood, and in any case from anything that, in the name of a misunderstood sense of duty, prevents you from fully yourself. Throughout the transit period, it is possible to move or relocate to another city for personal or work reasons.

If you want to grow during 2021, you will need to learn to look to the past as an experience and not as a blocking factor in relation to your present and future initiatives. There is a risk of being held hostage to the past if your dark side predominates.

On the other hand, keep in mind that during 20210, Jupiter will have a positive influence on you, but if you want to know what new experiences are knocking on your door, you must first get rid of everything that prevents you. to be yourself (starting from you, from limiting beliefs or from a wrong sense of duty to a family tradition that, in reality, does not belong to you at all).

During 2021, you must always remember that: “In life we ​​live twice, but the second life begins when we understand that we live only once.” Consider that at the end of 20210, there will be a very strong transit for those born between the second and third decade, Saturn and Pluto will join in one embrace.

This transition will require concrete choices, will not allow indecision or hesitation; while those who know where they are going will be rewarded with a second chance, others may be at a standstill
As for the rebel Uranus, only those born in the last decade will have a major interest, but only until March 5, 2021. During this last stage will be influenced only tired romantic relationships that continue only out of habit or economic comfort.

Starting in March, Uranus, which enters the sign of Taurus, will enter your solar house VIII and will begin to act in the fields of experience of “Eros and Thanatos”, high financial speculation, occult powers, mystery and esotericism.

This transit will accompany you in the next 7 years (you have already had an advance in the summer of 2019 – only those born in the first decade); during 2021 this transition will affect only those born in the first decade, the other two decades will be progressively involved only after that. With Uranus in the octave, a global change in your financial sector should not be ruled out, probably in connection with an inheritance, a great victory or financial speculation. In any case, try never to resort to loans, over time the situation becomes unsustainable. Transit is often a sign of improved income for your partner.

So, consider that in these 7 years you will encounter a gradual and unexpected revolution of your subconscious; unexpected events will often occur that can cause a deep metamorphosis. So the changes in your sexual needs, during transit, may become deeper and deeper, with possible implications of rebellion against common morality.

The long transit of Neptune (started in 2012/2013), in Pisces (your solar house VI), during 2021 will primarily affect those born in the second decade, making them closer to holistic medicine, homeopathy and alternative treatments.

This aspect will be able to be amplified during 2021 due to the contingent aspects of Jupiter in transit in the second decade in Sagittarius, the zodiac sign that for you corresponds to the communication sector. It is important that those born in the second decade pay more attention to their diet or the medications they usually use, there is a risk of suffering possible intolerances or intoxications.

Keep in mind that even with this transit, if there were competing astral factors in your astrogram, you might decide to change your life, not only professionally, but also personally, moving toward more creative activities. , more spiritual, closer to the so-called Neptune realities (naturopathy, agriculture, traditional and holistic medicine).


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