Will 2021 Be a Lucky Year For Leo?

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It is an interesting year, with many challenges, with situations that will reshape your personality and the way you relate to everything around you.

The desire to communicate will be accentuated, thus becoming a master of words and gestures. You will attract admirers, but also characters who will challenge you.

Many of your topics of interest this year will be arranged behind the scenes, so that some details from the socio-professional area, especially from the health plan, you will discern in the coming years.

It opens a new decade, of a completely different scope, it is good to leave behind the past with everything that was in it.

However, during this year you will understand what has happened in recent years and thus you will embark on a new path, based on other moral, emotional, emotional, spiritual, material considerations.

Health is vulnerable, but it is about diseases already known. It is good to take any physical discomfort seriously.

Conscious rest, detachment from the daily hustle and bustle and approaching a lifestyle according to your constitution are very useful.

The eclipses that form this year will create effects, more or less visible, in the socio-professional segment, in the health segment, in sentimental relationships and in those with friends. Special situations punctuated with strange notes.

Relationships and those with children are highlighted through common actions and important dialogues.

Two eclipses are being built this year in this segment, being about a beginning and an end. These relationships are not necessarily coming to an end, but they will certainly change their terms and conditions.

On June 5, a lunar eclipse forms through the penumbra in the Sign of Sagittarius, whose effects will impel you to reshape your conceptions of love and its implications.

Detachment from loved ones, obtained by accepting them as they are, will give you a welcome liberating feeling.

In the middle of December, on the 14th, another eclipse is formed, also in Sagittarius, but an annular one of the Sun, offering you a new sentimental path, another vision on these relationships, plus a great adventure.

Relationships with friends are influenced this year, due to the formation of a lunar eclipse through the twilight in the Sign of Gemini on November 30.

And this entourage will have to be reconfigured, especially since other interesting people will appear around you, people who will deserve your attention and efforts.

The professional segment will be very dynamic. It is likely to focus on a new field of activity, to obtain leadership positions, to produce a real revolution in the current workplace or to implement innovative ideas.

Collegiate relations are also very active. Some will support you, work with you, but others will strive to put sticks in your wheels.

So, for Leo, it is important in 2021 to carefully select his professional entourage and to avoid talking about himself and his intentions. It is very clear that you will detach yourself from some professional colleagues or collaborators and it would be good to do it quickly, radically, without much talk.

At the beginning of the year, on January 10, a lunar eclipse will form in the Penumbra Sign, whose effects will upset you a lot. On the one hand, it will be about fatigue, detachment from everything and everything.

But, on the other hand, revelations about what is really going on in the workplace will drive you to make the changes you need to progress in the direction you want.

On June 21, another eclipse will also form in the Sign of Cancer, being an annular eclipse of the Sun. Its effects will open a new professional corridor for you. Shadow arrangements, more or less, understood.

Also in the professional segment, there will be another lunar eclipse through the twilight in the Sign of Capricorn, on July 5, whose effects will be quite visible in the collegiate relations and in the professional activity itself. A chapter finale, both relational and in terms of professional responsibilities or work tasks.

What happens professionally will have repercussions in the family segment. Relationships with family members, your involvement in household chores will experience changes that will not be to the liking of loved ones. Your reputation and workplace situation will be controversial and will even suffer in some way.

The financial segment remains overshadowed, especially in the section of additional income from collaborations, inheritances, money, common goods with others. Income from self-employment remains constant, but beware of debt.

Instructions for harmonious and balanced use of the astral context of 2020: be open to change; get involved in joint activities with others; the game of life and how to play it should be your motto this year; the others are just play partners throughout this life; take more care of yourself and your real needs.


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